Informasoft® Human Resources Management System is a TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) funded software that is designed to make the HR activities of your organization easier and helps you keep your team united and motivated.

From Information to Transformation

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New requirements resulting from industrialization and technological changes make it necessary for businesses to renovate themselves, adopt new business and manufacturing methods and implement modern business and personnel principles.

Significant changes in the type, quality and quantity of operations being conducted as a result of such technological and scientific innovations and developments have given rise to the creation of new business activities and lines of work, which in turn, brought about the need to employ personnel with different skill sets.

Moreover, businesses go to great lengths to make their existing personnel compatible with the changing business environment conditions. For this reason, the concepts of modern management and modern executive have gained a great deal of significance.

In line with promoting humanistic relations, corporations have more and more inclined towards taking into account and implementing the elements of social and industrial psychology in their business conduct. As a result of this approach, human resources management has come to be perceived more as a field of managerial activity where dynamic and creative aspects of the human capital is considered and the lives of people from all walks of life are oriented and shaped, rather than merely as a mechanical and routine desk job.

From Past to Present

The methods employed in the Human Resources Management System have changed over the years: The Human Resources Management System used in the past did not offer open architecture, flexible and integrated cloud services that constituted a social network while containing the sensitive data pertaining to the personnel at the same time. More

Informasoft® Recruitment, Selection and Placement, records management, payroll, performance and other confidential process center as making it. To be as self-service by the staff of the changes that are necessary and allow tracking allows charges to automate processes like tracking.

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Recruitment and Placement and Resume Parsing

This module allows company executives to open relevant vacant positions and enter job descriptions to attract applications for such required positions. Candidates can also log into the system and apply (if they have a password and authorization); they can make applications through HR and Power Users. More

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Technical Explanation of Resume Parsing

Even if a CV contains nonlinear texts and is processed through various different screen layouts, the system converts the CV into a listed plain text. For instance, pages where texts are entered in frameless boxes, pages where illustrations and texts are entered into differently aligned boxes or pages containing labels on the left frame and texts on the right frame, and documents containing details inside headers and footers are considered as complex texts. More

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Recruitment and Placement Process Actions

In the recruitment and placement module, the interviews conducted with candidates can be entered in the form of actions. For instance, such actions as telephone calls, meetings, salary offers, assessments, exams and their results can be recorded. One of such actions is employment approval; this particular action will direct us towards the ONBOARDING screen.

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Organization Management

Organization scheme is the area where all the areas including the personnel's workplace, unit, department, division etc. are identified. This way, it is possible to dynamically identify an employee's department in further detail right down to their respective unit, department and subdivisions. Moreover, organization details can also be detected in the personnel’s employee records. More

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Registration Management and Payroll

Registration is the area where all the personnel information of the working employees are kept along with the document, salary, debit, warning/reward, defense, discharge, cost center, bank details and advance requests, which are arranged and reported by the authorized executive officers. More

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Authorizing Users, Language Management and Roles

Each and every action within the Informasoft® system is associated with a role. A list of action role authorizations has been created and the authorizations are identified based on the requests submitted. More

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Shift, Working Time, Leave, Time Management Systems

Arranging the personnel’s work and leave management on paper or through e mails makes it difficult for supervisors to take into account the conflicting leave days and previously used ones. Managing different shifts is a complicated process for a company with multiple workplaces. Informasoft® aims to keep track of personnel’s shifts, working times, overtimes, leaves and sick leaves in the fastest possible manner. More

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Dismissal and Discharge

In order to carry out the personnel recruitment procedures in a quick manner, registration records can be created both manually and on the OCR module. If the personnel to be hired is still in the candidates section, an employee record can be automatically created for the said person based on his/her CV details by choosing the “hire” action on their profile. More

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Training Management System

Once the training institutions, instructors, training places, training costs are identified in the Training Management Department, a training program is created in accordance with the requirements of the personnel's development plan. While the personnel may ask for additional training sessions, supervisors may also organize trainings in the company. More

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Performance Management System

Performance management system ensures that the company has a consistent and organizationally compatible assessment processes in place. It aims to identify the competencies of the employees and establish objectives in line with such competencies. More