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One of the main digital transformation elements within your workplace is to form the Human Resources Management System in parallel with modern technology.

Informasoft® product family provides the endless benefits of centralizing the information that your entire organization needs with its unique high-tech features.

The ecosystem of Informasoft® offers an infrastructure that is beyond similar global product features.

Yeni Nesil İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi İçin Benzersiz Yazılımlar
Ranked 6th among the Human Resources Management Software developers of Turkey
(**) Bilişim 500 - 2022

Ranked 6th
in Software Category

Among the Top 500 IT Companies

Bilişim 500
Informasoft® ile Örgütsel Dönüşüm

Organizational Transformation with Informasoft®

Take fast and expressive actions with real-time information and unique mobile services

The benefits you will have with Informasoft® software are not only the strategic development process. These will be the increment of the skills within the organization and improved quality of communication. The organizational transformation will be achieved by increasing the internal communication to the desired level.

Thanks to Informasoft®, the commitment and reliability level to information systems within the organization will be enhanced without compromising confidentiality.

Company executives will be able to interpret the outcomes more meaningfully and make decisions faster thanks to the data they will obtain quickly. The areas to be focused on will be defined better, and the developments will become continuous to achieve success in each unit of the organization. The most important capital that an organization cannot give up reaching its goal is human. There is a need for continuous improvement of human and labor factors for a business organization's success rather than other assets. One of the problems that successful organizations have focused on over the years is the effort to interpret the relationship between human capital and firm success. It is vital to manage the needed factors such as information, ability, experience, and skill for the success.

The positive relationship between human capital and success is like a bridge built by accomplishing daily tasks effectively and increased efficiency. Building these bridges in our age requires robust and dynamic infrastructures. Informasoft® has all the dynamics demanded by today's technology.

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