High Standards with Informasoft®

Join us to step into your digital future with our new generation online HR Management System and holistic approach, rather than a traditional service delivery.

Informasoft® provides holistic software solutions for the digitalization needs of today's modern business world.

Our organization is specialized in the fields of end-to-end Human Resources Applications and Personal Data, inspired by the human-based problems of companies. Informasoft® derives its strength from the experience of CottGroup®, to which it is affiliated. CottGroup® is the first and leader organization in the field of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in Türkiye. To serve in line with the philosophy of Holistic Business Services, our organization has become a service organization consisting of 7 different companies operating in the sector and its affiliated strategic business partners by growing with acquisitions and mergers since 2005. CottGroup® member companies export services and software to 24 countries.

Thanks to our organization’s experiences in human resources, time management, payroll, personal data, consultancy, technology, and training, the required synergy has been provided to turn each project into a success story.

High Standards with Informasoft®
Solutions offered by Informasoft®

Solutions offered by Informasoft® are high-tech products suitable for all business models, especially the cloud-based applications in the field of human resources to manage various operations of organizations. In the constantly evolving and changing digital world, we adapt the most up-to-date technology to the system with an understanding of absolute compatibility and modernization, we offer a trust-based service by paying regard to the KVKK and GDPR laws. Nowadays, customer and sector needs are changing day by day with "Industry 4.0" and the digital transformation that develops with it. As digital transformation is an essential fact, thinking of absolute security becomes inevitable when this fact is considered.

Informasoft® is based on protecting the confidentiality, objectivity and scope of information and differs from the traditional service delivery with its holistic approach by offering effective solutions against possible cyber-attacks. In this way, our organization offers fast, efficient and compliant infrastructure with local legislation to global 500 companies and companies of all sectors and sizes.

Thanks to each of our employees who dedicate themselves to the success of this community;

  • Over 500 customers from 40 sectors,
  • Three of the world's top ten companies,
  • Two of the world's top three e-commerce companies,
  • Three of the world's four largest software companies,

And the greatest organizations of the finance and banking sector prefer to cooperate with our group for different service needs.

Our Software Solutions

We develop application software integrated with each other and in a modular structure by considering the increasing mobile usage and local compatibility needs of organizations, especially in the Human Resources processes. Since local legislative compliance and implementation practices are shaped differently in each country, the dynamism of business processes, meeting compliance expectations, facilitating data transfer between countries and optimization of processes have enhanced the success of our applications.

  • Employee Time and Attendance System
  • Payslip Viewing System
  • Shift Management
  • Leave Management
  • Advance and Expense Management
  • Performance System
  • Document Management
  • Debt Management
  • Payroll Process Management
  • Data Inventory Management
  • Incentive Management

Our Services

  • HR Support Services
  • Payroll Outsource
  • Workforce Support Services
  • Advanced Incentive Management
  • Private Pension System (BES) Management
  • KVKK - GDPR Compliance Services
  • Data Classification
  • Training Services
Our Software Solutions
Online Human Resources Management Software
Service Exporters' Association 3rd Prize Winner
Ranked 4th among the Human Resources Management Software developers of Turkey
Ranked 4th as Consultancy Service Provider
Ranked 38th as Service Provider

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